You can solve your growth with a web service which can be horizontally scaled. Professional telephony with SIP and Websocket infrastructure.

A robust Erlang-Stack with CouchDB, Rabbit-MQ and Kamilio and Freeswitch as SIP- and WebRTC-kernel is a stable basis to trust in. In this conditions it is possible to manage thousands of customers.


With the Aboplanner subscriptionprice is integrated with wholesale, reseller or customer own rates. You can charge every part individual or package-charge. As an reseller, you can see offered rates.

Through the seamless Integration of all process - and hirachies stages is completed a further step in the Integration.


You can integrate customers Subscriptions to automatically monthly charges.

Here you can see only a view details of the possible additional services.

Rates for customers

Adjust the retail prices to your situation with resellers.

Ensure that you receive the maximum of benefit!

Rates for sale/wholesale

Wholesale and resale rates can also be adapted to your conditions with the Resellers adjust.

Users and Accounts

Adapt your infrastructure easily to your desires, and you will increase the Benefits for themselves and for their customers.

You can enable the fraud protection for each customer that he will be protected against unaccepted surprises.

Callcenter App

With this Callcenter-App it is possible to manage your queues and agents online. You can individually customize your incoming call handling.

Agents can manage their customers online and can customize their own call handling if necesssary.

Manage your Queues

Customize your own queues by the Callflow-Manager. Set the music on hold, announces, timeouts and so on individually.

Customers or administrators can handle this features to manage queues and agents.


The whole system is actively recorded by indicators. Individual processes are monitored every minute and automatically restored if necessary.

Of course, you as system administrator set the highest priorities yourself.


Pivot-ML is a API-Language which your partners and customers can use to handle their incoming calls individually.

Per TWILIO-ML oder KZ-ML können Sie zum Beispiel die Autorisierung mittels Kundennummer und Eingabe von Datenprozessen automatisieren.

Autoprovision for devices

Simplify the administration of client devices by using the built-in auto-Commission-Manager. He is also a master of multiple Accounts per device and device change in the blink of an eye.

The installer or the customer needs only to enter the MAC address and insert the provisioner URL to the phone. It is also possible to handle provstring by DHCP to use only plug and play.

Easier device exchange

Treat yourself to the simple nature of the administration.

customers can use their phone easily and quickly. Previous settings will be taken over completely.


Let's do the copy of a keytemplate for existing used phones and make it simple to the new phone. Just click and save.

This is inegrated in the user portal, as well as in the Hosted PBX.

External number integration

if you want to use an external source of numbers, this can be done direct in the UI.

Cloud-DNS (modul kdns) integration

With the integrated DNS-Server on the platform the DNS-settings generate all settings for all accounts. You can manally add your settings by API or UI-App.
Letsencypt Domain und Wildcards Zertifikate können ebenfalls ohne "Downtime" direkt erzeugt werden.

PBX-Trunking  and DIDs

Suppliers can automate the processes for numbercycle on this platform.

The SIP and RTP / SRTP infrastructure is high scalable and supplies always the necessary information needs.

Reseller Settings

Reseller can customize their own platform to their needs individually.

Both logo, information and contracts can be customized, and can be adjusted directly.


Restrict outgoing calls? Both account and the individual extensions can be individually set on your customize policies.

The management of routes and connections can be provided both graphically and on the console.


With the userportal, the user has all on one page that he needs. Overviews and settings are in the hand of the user.

Both quickcall and voice mail, and contact list are integrated.

Virtual Receptionist with Google Voice

The virtual concierge is fully integrated in Google Voice.

Announcements can be translated with the TTS-Engine and the desired will be spoken directly.

Online Paypal-Integration

If you give permission your customers can recharge their accounts with a Paypal click.

Authentication is secure via HTTPS.  Billing including service products is done directly.

Security and cost-protection include

Of course, the customers and the resellers need a assurance of a reliable Fraud protection.

Most of the customers wish to have also a secure protection against the tussi calls, but friends will be allways connected.

LCR-Carrrier Settings

Outgoing Routes can be set with LCR-Carrier of yours and within multilevel failover routes. This is fully integrated in all of the LCR-strategies.

Customers can always call if you allow it!

Odoo WebRTC-Integration

With this integration it's possible to replace your hardware phone by a simple WebRTC-Phone in Odoo.

When your are online, you are also reachable to be called. If not, it will connect the phone according to your settings, e.g. voicemail.

- outbound calls in odoo
- inbound calls in odoo


all from one hand


Encrypted Connections
For devices, customers, and Support

Team Support

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